Thursday, March 18, 2010

MARCH 20, 2010

Joy Martin Benefit ~ you gotta come!

I personally have been counting down the days until the fun begins! I LOVE LOVE LOVE 
live music & can't wait to hear all the talented artists do there thing! With 7 different
groups playing I know there will be something there for everyone to enjoy! Please say 
you'll come, it'll be fun & the end results are great. Joy Martin needs a lil pick me up 
& this will for sure do the trick.  
Imagine for a second you've went through half of what Joy has...... 
what would be the drive to make you put one foot 
in front of another & learn to walk again? What would give you a 
vision of happiness?  Ready for the answer....
It'd be your faith in God, and everyone around you pushing you up because they love you, 
because they know you can make it.

So let's be there for her. With me, you, your sister, your brother, your friend, your mother, 
your neice, your neighbor, your grandpa, your church family, your co-worker, your 
housekeeper, your banker, your teacher, and your children attending this benefit Joy will 
see that she can make it through the recovery process. That we are all standing behind to 
pat her on the back for all that she has accomplished.  
The concert is free to public, so plan to spend one evening helping a super sweet lady know 
she's loved. The digital flyer below has all the details for this date.

And as you noticed in the sample certificate above, there will be an auction the night of the 
concert. I know they are auctioning off a grill from Sears, & a Photography Session 
& Disc of images from Nichol Engle Photography, and many other items. There will be
raffle tickets sold for Browning Shotgun. Door Prizes, Drawing for Free Vacation to PCB 
5 days & 4 nights!

I'm counting on you guys to be there & have a full house to this event. You never know 
when you may need someone to be there for you! I love you all & thank you all, Nichol.

You've been counted