Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monthly Blog Game WINNERS are.....

**Ray & Shirley**
**Cecil and Geraldine**
**Mrs. Hoek**

If you submitted an image of one of the names above please contact me!  my email is englemomof2@yahoo.com because your photo was super sweet & won a free shoot & Disc of images! And because we had so many & had a tough time deciding.. we are going to add one more!  So, there are 5 winners to this giveaway.  I'm excited so excited so many of you played!  CONGRATS!

When emailing me, please send over the address of the winning person, this will help me set up the time line.  I want to travel from one end of the county to the other & not hop around, so once we get all the directions I will send you your time slot.  Please note the time line is going to be set very loosely.  I want to capture each person & not be restricted by a time line.. so I may arrive a bit early or a bit late to you session, but if you include your cell number I will give you a call when I start your way.  I am also asking for limited people at the location, I would love for the client who submitted the image to be there to help introduce me.  Please understand that everyone feels a bit uncomfortable if several people are standing around while I photograph, so that is why I ask that the only person (other than the subject) be the person who submitted the image.  Thanks so much for understanding & for helping me make this day possible.  I'm EXCITED!

You've been counted