Monday, March 15, 2010

This month's game wasn't going to be posted for another week, but I have gotten several emails & facebook comments with questions on it... so here it is.

As I tossed & turned in bed last night I came to the thoughts of my Granny & how I wished I had photographed her more.  I was thinking of the last time I saw her, how I tried to soak up every line in her skin, the curls in her hair, tried to take mental pictures of her hands... all the things about her I thought I may one day forget.  I know these things may fade, but also know I will see her in me everyday that I hold my children or when I see my Momma smile.  I know my Granny touched many lives, and she will live on in each of us.  I will still wish I had photographed her, captured her sweet clasp of hands, or the way her eyes squinted when she smiled.  So, in memory of my Granny I will give that to you.

I will spend one day traveling Ellijay to homes of the elderly.  I want to see these people in their normal state.  I want to capture them for who they really are, I want their hair to be fixed as they normally fix it, their clothing to be their everyday attire.  No need to straighten up their house, I want it to be just as it would be if you walked into it today.   I want to not only photograph them, but hear their stories and learn from them as I capture images of their lives.  The day I have reserved for taking these photos will be April 6th (Tuesday).  I will email the winner with the times available for that day.  There will be 4 winning photos.  The person who submits the photo will receive the disc of images edited & ready for printing.  The disc can be duplicated & shared with family, friends, etc.  Please make sure to okay this with the person whom you are nominated prior to submitting the photo.

If you would like to nominate your Grandma, Grandpa, neighbor, church member, etc. please send a photo (doesn't have to be a professional photo, just a snapshot...doesn't matter if you took it or Larry on the street ~ just a clear photo) to  
Each photo will be looked at by my sweet Hubby.  Please send only the first name of the person in the photo.  I do not want Rob to know who is nominating the person in the photo, I want him to be able to choose the images simply by story that is shown in the person's face.  Winners will be announced on March 30th!  

This give away is 100% free, though I would ask that you pass it on... do something nice for someone else, pass the love along & it will always come back to you!

Thanks for your continued support & for taking part in our fun Blog games!  Remember 1 more week of "Love Cup" blog game in support of Joy Martin!  Scroll down to cast your vote & read more!

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