Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Want to be up-to-date????

WeLLLLLL.......  the website has a new face to it ;) Check it out!

Please note: All pricing and details were removed from website & can now be found at the very bottom of the blog. 

Things to come: 

'Nichol Engle Photography Addicts' Punch card. I plan to have them printed within the next month, so you all can collect your cute lil punches for discounts & free stuff from Nichol Engle Photography!

I am also working on the in-home studio... we plan to mack it out in retro/rocker style ~ it'll be super cute & fun for the kiddos! (chalkboard doors, fun play toys, etc) 

Nichol Engle Photography will host a VINTAGE Photo day for little girls ages 12months -7 years during the month of February, but details are yet to be worked out. I plan to post the date for you all sometime next week ~ this one will ROCK THE HOUSE! So go ahead & get excited, because I know I am!

Thanks for your support & for following alongside my journey ~ it's a great one to be on & it's all because of you guys!

Here are a few pics of the clothing we will have for the vintage day ~ I am working with a great designer who is as we speak making more cute stuff ;)  Her work is amazing & she is super sweet ~ she will even give us a discount if we want to order anything from the shoot or custom items.  I'll post her info with the release of the Vintage Photo Day keep your eyes peeled!  

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