Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Calendar

is all filled!  (Until the end of August & I will open up fall dates)  Until August, I will not be accepting any new appointments other than photo days.  If you have contacted me for a date request I am sifting through them & trying to see where I can put you in.. I will be posting all booked appointments on the blog soon.  Please do remember that the photo days will be available for booking & I will try to have one each month or at least every other month. I have a few dates reserved for weddings, and have an inbox full of requests!  So if you are a bride who contacted me for a date, please don't loose your cool ~ I'm trying to get it all worked out so that you all have the date your requested.

Remember February will be Little Vintage Day & am in the works for a Day in late March.  I am also tumbling around the thought of doing the Bed in Field shoot again, as so many of you are requesting it... (but that is a MAYBE, not completely sure yet)

So, thank you for all the clients who will be filling this coming year with fun & happiness!  I'm excited to work with you all!  And for all of you who want to book but didn't get a spot yet, please join us on the photo days~ they'll be fun & very different :)

Please keep a close eye on the blog, as I will post cancellations & will be filled on first come basis.

And like I always say... a blog post isn't complete without a super cute pic (or three) ~ so here ya go!

 My all time favorite photo of my boys ~ such a fun, warm, sunshiny day!

And if sweetness could be caged it'd be in this little girl, my Lyla.

And I guess I couldn't forget myself ~ total nut ----->

You've been counted