Sunday, January 10, 2010


ROOFING TIN ~ We are looking for rusted roofing tin, as you see on chicken houses.  I am trying to get the studio put together & am going with a vintage/rock look... the ceiling will be done in tin/metal sheets & I'd love for it to have some rust on it but some tin showing too.. though this is hard to find locally.  If you or anyone you know has old chicken houses, barn, etc. that need tore down or has roofing tin lying around please contact me!  My cell is 706.889.2425 and email is  I'm willing to pay or trade for the metal.  These photos show what I'm looking for..  we need enough to cover 1200 sq.ft but could mix and match if we have to.

Oh & here are a few photos that inspired my theme for the studio ~ it'll be beyond words when I get it finished!  SO EXCITED!

Thanks a million for your help, I promise it'll come back around.  Have a happy Sunday!

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