Friday, January 29, 2010


I am over flowing with images on my hard drive (yes, I have an external Drive) and I must get some of them cleared off.  As you all know there is a date added to the top of your online gallery giving you a date to order your images through.  This date insures that I am paid for the time I spent editing your images and also to have place for new images to be stored.  Some of these session are dating back to summer.... and now my computer is bogging down.  I do not want to delete your images but have no other choice.
  I will open orders for one more week, allowing you to order your disc should you want.  I am a very understanding person, and know that the economy is not so great right now... if any of you need payment plans set up, please contact me.  Below is a button you can click on to pay for your disc, the disc of images will then be shipped out to you via USPS.  Please note the $25.00 monthly late fee has been waived for you all.

 Please click here to pay for your disc.

If you do not contact me or pay for you disc before February 6, 2010 the images will be deleted from my files.  Thank you for understanding & I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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