Thursday, January 21, 2010

Be the DIFFERENCE you want to SEE.

It takes you & me to make a difference, so do something nice for someone else...please help the people suffering in Haiti.  Don't just let it stop there, teach your children what you are doing.. have them go with you to pick up a few items, educate them on love & compassion for others.

Here is the message from Samantha Bryan Callihan (pink pig of Cherry Log owner)  

ok everyone there is another crew from ellijay heading to Haiti on saturday. I know its not much notice but if u want to help w/ supplies please contact me ! u can drop off at the pink pig or ronnie thompson ford. they are in desperate need of medical supplies!! diapers or feminine pads (they r using for bandages), tylenol, rubbing alcohol, and thing u can think of that they could use to care for all the wounded.

Non-stick GauzeBandage
Ace Bandages

Baby Formula (maybe powered kind, we could pack easier)
Diapers (All sizes)
Small Baby Bottles
Diarrhea Medication Cast Kits
No. 2 Suture Kits

I'm not sure if we're able to transport any of the following, but they are also much needed over there. Oral Antibiotics
Providone-Iodine Analgesics
If anyone want to just donate money we can run out and buy supplies too.

  I do NOT watch the news & very little television (just too much negativity for me) ~ so this video was the first news clip I had seen of Haiti, it really sank in how real this is.. please think about these people.  These people are like you & I, they have families, did have homes, and their whole world has been turned upside down.. please help them in any small or large way that you can!  And lets all remember the power of prayer.

Please note: VIDEO BELOW SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED BY CHILDREN.. too detailed for young eyes, but shows the real trouble these people are dealing with.

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