Monday, February 1, 2010

The TRAVEL IN TIME shoot is now open for booking!

***To answer a big question you guys have had**** Yes, more than one child can be photographed during a single 30 minute session... it is just like prior photo days.  We will photograph them together and individually.  This Photo Day is for GIRLS & BOYS.  We've already booked over half the day ~ so act fast if you want a spot.
Okay folks ~ here it is... I know I've been ranting & raving about this day for weeks now, I'm just so beyond excited!  This shoot is right up my ally, as an old soul I love everything vintage.. anything with a story to tell.  I love old homes with rippled windows and the thoughts of how many times a small child ran to peer out of it's panes.  I love my old antique rolling pin, as I know a woman before my time used it on a daily basis to prepare homemade goodies for her children.  I love all kinds of random little things... but one thing that really gets to me is combining the love of old treasures with photography.  Why?  I love that we can capture something that years from now will be non-existing.  I could sit for hours & admire old time photography for the story it holds.  I want to capture the same stories for you, stories through images that will become timeless art in your child's life.  That is where this SPECIAL PHOTO DAY hatched!

For this Photo Day we will be working hand in hand with a wonderful, AMAZING, Talented, (gosh I can't describe her.. she is just too good for words) clothing Designer, Jill.  Jill is the owner of 3 little Birds Boutique.  She has been a blessing to work with.... she has been one step ahead of me, with every thought that comes to my mind she already has it covered!   She has even offered discounting of 20% for Nichol Engle Photography clients' orders made in March & April.  (and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100.00)  To take a gander at her store, please click the yellow words above or refer to link at bottom of this post :0)  PLEASE NOTE*** if you child is photographed for this photo day they also have a chance to become an advertising face for 3 little Birds.

When I first began discussing the 'Travel in Time' Shoot with Jill I gave her a few ideas as to what I wanted but she has really exceeded my requests!  So, here are few images she snapped of her daughter in some of the clothing we will have for The Travel in Time Shoot.  I edited the first two images as the images will be edited for the photo day... each image will be unique, as I will be designing custom vintage layers just for this day!

We will be going back in time about 100 years.  We will set up at an old house in Ellijay with vintage inspired props & decor.  I'm hoping to use an old truck.. but still trying to work my magic ;)  We will accept new clients every 30 minutes.  (Details/Directions will be emailed to booked clients once day is booked in full.  Please note: you will need to allow extra time in your schedule before session begins for dressing of children.)  As you all know from past sessions, I can pack a whole lot into 30 minutes in front my lens.   Expect between 30-60 images, same as a normal 1 hour session, to be displayed in online gallery.  Once your online gallery is completely edited you will have the choice to order disc of images or prints.  Disc will be priced per session, depending on the number of images you have in gallery.  **Disc will not fall below $125.00 yet will not exceed $250.00 regardless of photo count.  You will have 30 days from the time editing is complete to order your disc or images... more details are found at the very bottom of this blog under pricing & details.

Session Fee for Photo Day, which will include clothing during set.  $86.00 The session fee is non-refundable should you cancel the payment is lost.  PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS BEFORE PAYING!!!!
This photo day, as always is PRE-PAY ONLY> that is the ONLY way to book your spot.  Please submit payment below to book a time slot for you darlin' little one.  When submitting payment, please send three time choices & I will do my best to put you closest to your time request.  The day will book first come, first serve & once appointments are booked the payment option will be removed from blog.  If day fills and I have received extra payments without room on time sheet.. I will refund your payment in full directly!

We are planning for February 27th, please reserve March 20th incase of rain/freezing temps/etc.
If you are not able to reserve both dates, please contact me before booking/making payment.  Payment will not be refunded unless both dates are rained out, should this happen your payment will be refunded within 3 business days.

Available Appointments:
February 27th 
10:30 J. Ayers
11:00 Lyla Wells
11:30 H. Akin Kiddos
12:00 M. Klienburg Girls
12:30 K. Smith girls
2:30 K. Hemphill Twins
3:00 A. Hamby
3:30 N. Ehman kiddos
4:00 H.Reece kiddos

 We are excepting girls who wear clothing size 12-24m/2-3/4-5/6-7  Incase you you have double the fun... we will have two outfits per size  :0)
Please note: shoes will not be provided & you will need to bring your child's shoes... preferably up to calves,  plain boots.  (refer to images for idea)  or for younger girls the pedi-ped style shoe would work great too.

I am trying to find vintage clothing for little boys, I have yet to purchase them.. but should I receive payment for boy session I will find little boy clothing.  **If you book for a boy, please include clothing sizes in your payment details.

Thanks Jill at Three Birds Boutique for your wonderful talent & time.  I know each and every parent says thank you too.  You are simply wonderful!  Click here for link to THREE BIRDS BOUTIQUE mention Nichol Engle Photography & receive 20% your order.

I'm also posting old images found on internet for ideas of what I'm going after & also to help you with hair styles.. shoes... and any extra clothing items you may have.. remember all images will be edited to be black & white, sepia or antique tone ~ so colors do not matter!

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