Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Grab your date quickly ~ The 2010 calendar will be very limited spots, I have already filled most open dates but these are the ones currently open for appointments.  Keep in mind, these are one on one appointments with Nichol Engle.... one hour of coverage or double sessions booking only!

 The "Photo Days" will be posted several weeks before the event date.  I plan to have a "Pin-Up Valentines Day"  Which will be perfect for hubby's gifts ~ and also a great gift to yourself...we will have full makeup, clothing & hair included in this Photo Day!  I plan to have size 0 - 12 women, (xs-xl corsets)  I will post details later for booking this day!

I also plan to host a children's spring Day, but details are not worked out yet...same goes for the Sweet Days of Summer shoot, and the Funky Fall Day!  Just know that these days will also be available, and will be $ friendly.

I have come to find that Photo Days work is a great way to capture your family memories, while saving cost & time.  The hubbies don't always LOVE full photo sessions, so it is a great way to get them photographed while not having them upset with me ;)  So there is the truth that we all know....MEN hate having their pictures made, yet they all say how fun & quick & painless the photo days are!  I've actually had several Dads/husband/boyfriends ask when the next one is... that way they aren't out for a full hour, and can get on with their hunting, fishing, watching tv & mowing the grass ~ because we all know that is just soooo much better!  hee hee.    Plus, the kiddos (especially young ones) aren't tired out...I get the best of them and then they are done & ready for their ice cream or candy that they were bribed with :)
So that is why I will focus my 2010 calendar on Photo Days ~ and they will not just be photo days...they will be KNOCK OUT, ROCK THE HOUSE, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ~ PHOTO DAYS!  With less one on one sessions, I will be able to hunt for cool props & book awesome locations ~ all while saving you money!  Don't you just love it!?!??

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