Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's the day I always look forward super sweet biRthDAy!!!

This is the day that I truly feel like a princess!  It is the day my hubby & kiddos treat me to anything I want, all day long!  What do I love most about my Birthday!??!? I love that my kiddos make a trip to Walmart & are able to pick out anything they want to get me....can be anything!  Last year Tate got me a large plastic Garlic holder ;)  The year before he picked out a jewelry set that was suited for a 3 year old still hangs from my rear view mirror & I smile every time I look at it!  I can't wait to see what the little turkeys picked out for me this year.  Lyla is like her Momma and likes to tell the surprises, due to over excitement....she said something about a little doggie necklace, so if you all see me sporting a doggie necklace to the school Christmas Program you'll know where it came from :)

Thanks for all the facebook & Myspace Birthday wishes, you guys are super sweet & I love every one of ya!

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