Sunday, September 20, 2009


We are moving!!!  Yippy KY-Yie-Yaaaaay!  So we are unplugged from the wonderful online world....  I'll be back up & running on Wednesday or Thursday, but wanted to give you all a heads up ~ just incase I don't get to respond to your emails.  

Speaking of UN-pLuGGed!!!!  I'm super excited JOE PURDY tonight unplugged Piedmont Park....ewwwww I can't contain the little pink butterflies that are fluttering in my belly!  All of you say a prayer for me....I think I may pass out when he enters the room.  (We all know this would be uncool)  I'll post pics asap :)  

Have a HaPPy, rAinY suNDaY!  

Here is a little clip of my man.... Joe.

Note the words to this shirt will say  -----}

"take me to your

You've been counted