Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prayer request....Joy Martin

After having this email sent to my inbox this morning I am in tears....Please read the lower portion of this post to hear details on our sweet Joy Martin.  Please keep her in your prayers!  Joy is a client of mine, but not just any client.....she is a special person to me, she is a person who would shed the shirt off her back for anyone!  When talking to my hubby about her I always say "you know my super sweet client, Joy."  (not that you aren't all super sweet, but Joy has really touch my heart)  We met through her children's senior session & are constantly texting each other & talking/cackling like lil old ladies.......I view her as not only my client, but my friend & my heart goes out to her & her family...let's just all pray for a fast recovery! 

Subject: Joy Frady Martin

"Good Morning everyone,  I am sending out a pray request for my sister in law, Joy Frady Martin.  Some of you may not know her personally, but she is a great person and a go getter... She has two young men that she has done a great job her raising.  Lukas is a freshman this year in college & Trevor is a Junior in HS this year.  Joy got got some pretty devestating news last week that she has a brain tumor.  The doctors are 90% sure it is not cancer & are very confident that they can remove it and Joy will continue on with a normal life.  The doctors told her it would be a long recovery process though.  She went back to the doctor yesterday & they have put her on some medication in hopes to reduce some of the swelling of the tumor before doing surgery.  She will be having the surgery sometime in the next week to week in a half.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prays.  She is a very stronge willed person and I know in my heart she will be okay.  As good as doctors are we all know the power of prayer is so much stronger.    Take Care,  Lisa Frady"

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