Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drummmm Rollll~ Let's have some fun!!!!!

Okay here is the deal~ Nichol Engle Photography will be hosting the first of many blog games!  What is a blog game you ask?!?!  Well, something that my crazy mind came up with to keep things fun & fresh!  I know you all spend your bored moments browsing my blog, yet I never know who is here & who isn't...I love reading your input just as much as you love reading mine so I came up with a little game that can save you some green on your Fall Photo Session to be booked on October 24 or 25.  If you win this game & you aren't on the calendar for the day but wish to be, I will start 30 minutes earlier on Saturday for you to make it ;)  

"Get Seady Ret Go!" in the words of Lyla.  Go to your email and compose a message to  in the body of the message you will tell a story to my hubby about a session you've had with me, or the reason you want a session, or just something you know about me, that he my not.  (please no x-boyfriend me,  you would not win ~ lol)  In the subject line please add "August Blog Game"  Once your note is complete, enter your email at the bottom instead of your name...when writing the message please do not include your name, you can add your kiddos names if you like...but would rather you keep it completely neutral.  I will have him read over the stories, he will then pick out the most original, most heart felt story of them all!  This will be the winner! Don't feel like you have to word it all perfectly, Rob isn't hard to please... just have fun with it.   You will get half off your session fee for Fall &  a sweet photo gift from me;)  I plan on playing more games in the future~ they will all be fun & the prizes will range from $ off to custom canvas images.  So, be active on the blog....add yourself to the follower's list, comment on the post....let me know who you are.  There is nothing I love more than love from you guys!   Okay, so get those wheels to turning...think about all the crazy things I've done, said or wore to your photo session.  Tell him about something crazy I said or a crazy story of all the animal noises I made to make your daughter smile.... let him know how much fun we have.  Tell him whatever your heart desires.  After the end of the game I will enjoy reading the stories & we will post the winning story.   I hope this goes over well~ without you, it won't!  So get busy    :0)

Thanks* Nichol!

Please submit your letters by August 21, 2009.

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