Friday, August 14, 2009


Congrats to all of you who were following Nichol Engle Photography so closely, it paid off.  The highly requested Fall Photo Day is BOOKED!!!!!!!  I was guessing it would take 48 hours to book up completely, but 10 hours after sending the emails out.... we only had two slots left.  The last two slots were just filled so the weekend appointments are all filled.  I am so sorry to any of you who weren't able to make the day & wanted to..but there is still a chance~ check out the fun game in the lower post!  Play along & you never know who just may be able to squeeze in the first appointment of the day for half price!  If you are on the list & have already paid, and end up winning the August Game I will send you a payment online for half the amount you paid or I will send you a coupon code for you to use online when ordering your disc/prints... completely up to the winner!  The winner will be posted next week!
If you want to be a part of the next photo day, keep a check for the heads up on the blog~ normally posted 2 or 3 months in advance.  Then shoot me an email telling me to add you to the list.  Once added to the list you will be the first to know any & everything about the photo will get the chance to book the appointment before it is opened to public, which will put you way ahead of the game.  So, go ahead admit are a "VINEPA" (refer to bottom of post)  and start getting the scoop before the rest!  I've been having fun with all the excitement over the Fall Day~ you guys are so funny!  I've had a few clients post sweet lil things like "it felt as if I were trying to buy tickets to a concert that was about to sell out!" or "I've added your blog to my favorites page & keep checking in with each log in"  All these little comments make me smile from ear to ear...shows me that you care & enjoy my work.  
So, the plan for 2010 is to book more cool off the wall photo days like this one & to cut back on the personal sessions. This is a great way to save on your images, and it helps me actually have a family life outside of work.  I enjoy every minute spent with you guys, but have to say I love my family more...I am looking forward to a wonderful year next year & know it will be loads of fun!  So, send any ideas you have my way....we'll make the photo days great for everyone's tastes so that it is something you love coming to & something you look forward to every few months.  I am also looking to bring on a photographing assistant for these days.  Please look for her this fall~ I'd love for you guys to meet & get to know her.  

I'll post the appointment times asap.  Everyone who paid so far, has an appointment ~ I know most of you sent emails to my inbox & I haven't returned them yet but I am mainly taking a breather from all the commotion!  (My phone rang like crazy for the first 30 minutes of posting the details, not to mention the flooded inbox)  So rest assured you guys all got within 1 hour or your requested time & most of you got the time you requested.
I'm off to bed, until next time~ Nichol

**VINEPA**** Very Important Nichol Engle Photography Addict ;)  I will be making punch cards soon for this...get a punch when you come to your session & after x amount of punches you will get your free goodies!

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