Sunday, July 5, 2009


Those are the two words I'd use to describe yesterday! It started out with the 4th of July Parade in Jasper, (which my kiddos loved) then prep for the wedding (and yesterday's nervous blog post) then it was time for the wedding!  Rachel & I were pumped & ready, the kiddos were great!We had a blast, with baby in hand we were posing the other lil ones ;)  Their outfits were to die for & the older kids deserve a HUGE ICE CREAM as a reward for all their help!!!  They held, fed & comforted all the little ones while the pictures were being taken & during ceremony.  It turned out beautifully~ I just wanted to share a few of the candid  shots I got during the ceremony (especially for Lisa & Michelle to see, showing we did indeed get great images!) Even with a few tears the images captured the day, just as I hoped. I can't wait to weed through the other images, I'll post more once I do!

Once the wedding was complete & the happy couple were off to live happily ever after....I came home & partied like a rOCk sTar!!  (well like a 5 year old rock star!)  We shot off fireworks (yes, the kind that aren't legal in Ga......but it was the 4th, so cut us some slack all you crazy neighbors yelling from your porch!)  Here is one silly pic of my bff and I.  I have some cute one of Tater bug, but Lylee was snoozing in her bed & missed all the fun! *Don't worry we saved a handful for her to enjoy this evening, so get ready all you neighbors of White Pine Way...we'll be out again tonight ;) LOL  I'll post pics of Tater & his buds later, as for now~ Here I am at my truest!

Can't believe I'm adding this one to my post, but heck you only live once! (no drugs or alcohol were consumed during making of image...well maybe half of a melted pina-colada LOL ~ I just know how to have fun!)

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