Saturday, July 4, 2009


mine are about shot!  I know it is what keeps me on my toes, keeps me fresh & ready for the challenge, but I'm really sweating today's wedding!  (let's hope the bride's family does not read this before the wedding today ;) Nah, but really...I do get nervous, every wedding I go to I am a basket case before hand, just ask my hubby!  I think I am this way because I know how important my job is.  I am there to capture their very important day, a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.  I am there to take all the little moments they share together & turn them into art.  The weight of their memories rest on my shoulders.  Sure they will remember the day without images, but will it fade over time~ YES!  The story my images tell will not.  So that is what I think about before every wedding...this day can not happen again, we can not reshoot, we can not fake true emotion, we have to capture it the first time & it has to be right ~ NO EXCEPTIONS!  So, let me tell you alittle bit about today's wedding.....  We will be capturing images of 25 children, 10 bridesmaids, 10 groomsmen, one beautiful bride, & one very happy groom!  So, what does that mean?!?!?  I have to dance like a chicken and do whatever it takes to get 25 children to look at me at the same time, with all their eyes open, and a smile on their faces.  I know it can be done & if someone can do it, it'll be me!  My heart is in it to the fullest, I have confidence, and a wonderful assistant at my side.  So, why am I writing this?  Well mainly to release the anxiety I am feeling.  I do know as soon as the day starts I will get in "Photographer Mode" and it'll all flow fine.  * Keep an eye out for the super cool pics from today*  And on another cool note, here it the ad for the bridal magazine, they will be using other images in the magazine, but am not sure yet which ones...  So after this long blog spot, guess what they are looking for in the next issue?!?!?  Children!  We will have plenty shots of cute kiddos after this wedding, so it all works out wonderfully!  I'm so blessed to have all my ducks fall in a line, I could have never imagined my life working out so beautifully.  Thanks to all of you for retaining me as your wedding photographer & for trusting me with such an important job.  A job that is more than a job, it is a love.  I feel as if each & everyone of my Brides have became part of my life, how could I not after spending such a happy day with them....and they even let me meet the family ;) LOL

So, here is the ad....make sure to check the shelves of Walmart, Ingles, kroger, etc. it should be released sometime within the next month.  *if you are featured in the ad or magazine pages I will have a copy for you :)  I'll post an update once it hits shelves!  (and I'm signing them for free, just playing~ but I am beyond proud of this accomplishment)  Thanks Jen Gibbs, for the opportunity! 

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