Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday November 20th Extended Santa Photoday lineup!

1:00  Jeni Jordan
1:15 Misti Butler
1:30 Holly Barr
1:45 Dana Penland
2:00 Cheryl Frangipane
2:15 Courtney Root
2:30 Kristy Ruis
2:45 Jennifer Payne
3:00 BREAK
3:15 Lisa Vest
3:30 Heidi Najdek
3:45 Holly Miller
4:00 Calah Merritt
4:15 Amanda Lamonaco
4:30 Natasha Harwood
4:45 Kenitra Tallent
5:00 Brenda Starks

Details will be posted in full tomorrow, but this is our line up as of now... Pricing and image details will be same as stated in prior post for Saturday's shoot, though we may change location and props a bit.. will update you all asap :)

Will also post idea on clothing... remember these photodays with Santa won't be your norm.. so we would not suggest the normal dressy attire.. we say bright bold & fun!  Let these kids be kids!!!   Color Scheme:  Red, Green, Teal, PInk, Purple, etc...  Let's have fun, let's be ourselves & more than anything...let's let these days out of all the days be about the kiddos!    Please Please Please do NOT tell your children to smile.. please do not coach them before they come, this only causes fear & nervous habits to happen.. please let us do the job you are paying for :)  You can trust us, we have been doing this for years & it sure aint Santa's first rodeo ;)

Please make your payment in lower post... you will see a button stating "buy Now"  Click there to pay your session fee.  If you are transferring prior session fee or you have already arranged something different with me then please disregard... otherwise please know that any held appointments that have not been paid by Noon on November 17th will no longer be held.. they will be opened for public booking.

Please contact Nichol with any questions you may have at 706-889-2425. Thanks to you all for your interest in my photography ~ without you all super cool photodays like this one wouldn't be possible!
We love yall!

The gals at Southern Grace,
Nichol, Taylor, Casey, & Elise.

You've been counted