Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Photoday with Santa & Vintage Flair November 19, 2011

**Please note** Due to high demand for Santa photoday, we will possibly open more dates for appointmtents.. please email us if the appointment log is full & you want on the waiting list.  This will insure you a spot for the next day of November 20, 2011 :) Thanks!  send email here ---------> 

So excited for this photoday!!  I spoke with Jolly ole' Saint Nick himself this morning & he is just as excited as I am to spend our day with you guys!   We will be setting up outdoors and like always we are making it a bit different from the rest.  We've decided to bring out "ole' Green" aka Toby our Vintage 1971 GMC truck ~ which is one of our trusty true props.. Ole' Toby Green came to us last year for our fall sessions and we were in love!  The color of this truck is timeless and pops so well in pictures, I just know when we fill her truck bed full of brightly colored gifts it'll be cute as can be!  Then if that weren't enough, we are going to plop our super sweet Santa Claus on the tailgate as he talks with all the good little (& big) kids for the day.  We plan to have a few more special props to use with Santa like our Dish of cookies & our book the Night before Christmas.  We will add fun stuff as we find it & don't even question it.. we are going all out for this one!!!    So, mark your calendars because SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN & it's going to be the cutest little visit he has ever made ~ let's show Santa how a photo day is done & help him to remember this day while on his trip to our sweet little town of Ellijay.

Photoday Details:
15 minute session with Santa & photographed by Nichol on November 19, 2011.   $125.00 includes session time and disc of images (between 10-30 images). Payment will be split into two payments:  One payment of $25.00 is due directly upon booking spot, the final payment of $100.00 is due upon session time in the form of cash or check.  If you should wish to pay in advance with credit card online you will need to contact us for invoice and will be charged extra $5.00 fee for online processing.  ** Please note 7% tax is added to the deposit and all other online payments.. this does not deduct from the total of photoday.  
We plan to edit images and have disc mailed out by December 5th. so you can start printing for gifts and Christmas cards.  We will not be able to design cards from this day as our editing time will not allow. 
   Images will be edited in full and ready for printing.   Prints as large as poster prints or as small as wallets can be made from disc.  We will provide printing lab info for professional grade prints at consumer pricing for all your printing needs.

  If for any reason you are not able to keep your appointment slot you may sell it to a friend or family member but we will not be able to refund your deposit as we will be paying out for the time your session is reserved.  So Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason other than weather conditions or photographer's cancellations, in which your payment would be refunded in full.  If you are able to contact us 4 days prior to session we can transfer your deposit toward another date. 

Please make sure to provide shipping address & cell phone number when paying for session.  To book please click buy now button below and submit your $25.00 payment.

**If we are holding an appointment slot for you, please note that your slot can only be held until 5:30pm tomorrow.  Deposit will have to be paid in full or contact us before 5:30 tomorrow or slot will open back up for public booking.

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Appointment Log:

10:00 Mckenzie Gaddis
10:15 Katie Poole
10:30 A. Glisson
10:45 Ashley Stover
11:00 Ariadna Burgess
11:15 Summer Mathis
11:30 Christy Stephenson
11:45 Jessica Ledbetter
12:00 LUNCH BREAK (Shonda's Session)
1:15 Becca Shelton 
1:30 Reagan Griggs
1:45 Heidi Weaver
2:00 Leslie Allen
2:15 Sue Rogers
2:30 Chanda Patton
2:45 Jenn Rittenburry
3:15 Sarah Hall
3:30 Karrie Poole
3:45 Michelle Sullivan
4:00 Mistil
4:15 Break
4:30 Jennifer Burton
4:45 Leia Hughes
5:00 Cindy Dotson

I want you all to know when booking that you are not only booking for the outcome of images but also for the memories this appointment will bring to your children.  This appointment will mean so much to the little ones who are able to come and not only talk to Santa but have Santa enjoy them.. When I met him this morning I was floored at his heart ~ he took his time with our meeting explaining his deep love for what he does.  I was told by a local that he went to learn spanish so he could speak to the little ones who didn't speak English.  When asked about that he told me that it broke his heart when a hispanic child sat on his lap and wanted to tell him what he wanted for Christmas but the only english words he knew were 'Trick or Treat'  ;) He said he then knew he would have to learn to understand the little ones so they could all tell him their wishes.  He also told me of his magic Key he brings to the sessions to tell the children of how he gets into the homes that do not have chimneys.. which is a question I've always had!  He will tell you all about this key when you guys come.. it's the coolest :)   So, why the stories.. I want you all to know that Santa enjoys this job & realizes what an important job he has with these little ones, he knows that they get butterflies in their bellies just by hearing his name & as they walk up to him to hop in his lap there eyes twinkle with magic.. it's the magic we all loose with the loss of our innocence.  So while that magical sparkle of belief still lives in your child bring them out to meet our SOUTHERN GRACE SANTA, he will forever touch their hearts & help that spark last an extra year or two.

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