Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You guys know how I work... last minute & by the seat of my pants ;)

UPDATE: PHOTO DAY BOOKED IN FULL!  Thanks to all of you who have booked, we'll have a blast! :)

So guess what!!??!  This Saturday we are suppose to have beautiful weather and I have nothing to do.. so we're gonna throw a "Anything Goes" photo day!    :)   April 30, 2011

I posted this info to my Facebook to see if there were any takers & oh my.. the response was simply flattering!  You guys are just amazing, I love the love you guys have for my work & am honored to captured your families for you.  So here is the list that came from Facebook, please make sure to email me or text me if you need your time changed around or if you decide not to keep your appointment so that I can have the schedule nailed down as smoothly as possible.

For Saturday's 'Anything Goes' Day, we'll photograph you just as the title states ~ ANYTHING GOES!  You can bring your sweet lil family, your pet, your car, your granny, your boyfriend, your whatever... because ANYTHING GOES!  We'll have a great (NEW) outdoor location picked out by tomorrow and I'll post info on that hopefully tomorrow night.. keep in mind a HUGE storm is rolling in for Wednesday night & I can't work with my computer during lightening, etc... so please know that as soon as possible I will have the info up for you all :)

$100.00 total for disc and session time... this payment will be split into two payments.  First payment is due directly to keep your name on the list or to add it to the list if not already.  Please click BUY NOW button below to make payment of $50.00 the remaining payment of $50.00 is due at the time of session in the form of cash only.  Should you want to prepay this payment please let me know and I can send you an online invoice for the full amount.

Just like the fall Photo Day we will be doing 20 minute sessions, with this time you will get between 20-40 images on disc ready for printing.  We will have the discs ready in time for Mother's Day gifts.  It will be the clients responsibility to pick up disc from 2964 Sunlight Road, Ellijay~ once completed.   Please make sure to be on time to your appointment, as time that is missed by being late will not be made up, we will have back to back appointments all day.  Session fee is non-refundable for any reason other that cancellation due to weather.  Please notify us directly if there is sickness in family & we can work something out for you.  I'm beyond excited about this day.. we'll for sure bring some fun props out and the location will be beyond great, especially if I'm able to snag this new spot I've been eye balling :)

Appointment Log:

10:10 Kim Hamilton
10:30 Jennifer Loudermilk PD.
10:50 Sarah Hall PD.
11:10 Ashley Stover PD.
11:30 Mandy Cantrell PD.
11:50 Melisa West Paid in full
12:10 Misty Davis
12:30 Chrissie Morgan
12:50 Natasha Harwood PD.
1:10 Samatha Mashburn PD.

3:00 Karrie Poole
3:20 Karrie Poole PD.
3:40 Chetley & Grayson Cox PD.
4:00 Reagan Griggs PD.
4:20 Racquel Harris PD.
4:40 Megan Rittenberry PD.
5:00 Michelle Gibson PD.
5:20 Tiffany Coleman PD.
5:40 Cheryl Frangipane PD.
6:00 Mott Family
6:20 April McFarland PD.
6:40 Misty Fletcher
7:00 Jessica Mathis

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