Thursday, April 7, 2011

For all of you who were booked for March 27th and were rained out we'll be seeing you this weekend :)  We will have a sweet little lamb named Lilly, as Mary is just too BIG!  Lilly is bottle fed and kept indoors with a super sweet lady caring for her.  Lilly is very friendly and ready for our photoday!  Please make sure to tell the children that Lilly will be brought out at the very end of the photo session, and if they listen to everything we have planned then they'll get to play with her :) 

Saturday's appointment log:
11:00 M. Harwell
11:30* Matthew McClure
12:00 Hemphill Twins
12:30 Heather Akins
1:00 L. Carroll
1:30 BREAK
2:30 C. West Boys
3:00 Patton Girls
3:30 Knix
4:00 H. Weaver kids
4:30 H. Goss

Please contact us in advance if you are unable to make your appointment slot, otherwise we'll see you all Saturday!

'Please note, this is private property that we are using to host our photo day & waivers will need to be signed upon your arrival.  Waiver will state that you are responsible for yourself and your family while at our photoday. 

From DAIRY QUEEN red light in Ellijay, take Hwy 282 for  6.5 miles TURN LEFT on CROSSROADS CHURCH ROAD.  Go .3 miles turn left (across from mailbox #306) drive towards metal building.  You will see small side road to the left of metal building, turn onto small road.. you will see large red gate, we will have them unlocked so just come on through & we'll be at the bottom of the hill near the barn area.  Please find my truck (WHITE FORD 4 Door) and park closed to it so that your car isn't in the photo area. 

You've been counted