Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So sorry that I have cut it close this time on directions ~ but we had a little hiccup in our prior location.. So, I've found something even better!  Here are  few pics from the location.  We have finalized everything for this weekend, but still have yet to get the exact milage.  I will post directions tomorrow (Thursday)evening for you all.  Please note this location is less than half a mile from Walmart :) so, it'll be a jiffy to find!  We do have everything set for the super cute red truck to make it out :) I'll post a pic of it below too!  So, go ahead get all excited ~ It's gonna turn out GREAT!  Make sure to check back here tomorrow evening so you know where to go, come Saturday!  THanks for being so patient ~ you guys are great!  Much love, Nichol E. 

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