Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It just takes a second.. but it'll last a lifetime!

If you have about 15 free seconds of you day, can you please click below to help out Ellijay Primary School.  Mrs. Katie Mayfield has enrolled in an awesome giveaway & needs our help!

Katie is nothing less than amazing & has worked wonders at EPS in teaching our children a love for music.  I am backing her 100% on all her efforts as I believe music is a great way to express yourself & learn more about yourself.  Our children need it!  So, below you will see the link to the site..

Just click below & enter Ellijay Primary School, you will then be able to click on Katie Mayfield & vote.  This vote will send her into the top 10, which is one more step closer to winning the grant she needs to fund our school with keyboards.

Just think of what difference it may make for our little ones.. just think of the smile that comes across their face as their little bitty fingers learn explore the keyboard.  Who knows, having the keyboards & the right education we may spark a lifetime love of music in these little souls.  SO go ahead VOTE VOTE VOTE!  And do it daily :)


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