Friday, August 6, 2010

Unless your name is Lyla and you have a umbrella you've been waiting to use.. Rain isn't a good thing.

I was praying for rain to bring the water level back, so we'd have a nice beautiful waterfall for tomorrow's photo day.. but got a bit more than what we need.  I am so sorry, but we are going to reschedule the waterfall photoday until next Saturday.   Please email me if you are unable to keep the appointment times that you were scheduled for.  I will refund payment in full if you aren't able to keep the spot.  

Again, I am completely sorry that the water wasn't clear for the shoot, but it's out of my hands.   I am looking out for the best interest of you all, as I would not want my photos taken in front of muddy water.. as I'm assuming you wouldn't either.   Thanks in advance for you understanding.  If you can please send me a quick email letting me know you read this, otherwise I will be giving you a call tomorrow to confirm you've gotten the news.  Again, let me know if Saturday, August 14th does not work for you, otherwise I will assume we are on schedule with your appointment.  

Thanks, N.

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