Thursday, November 26, 2009

On this Thanksgiving Day & everyday that follows I am thankful for:

My super sweet family, who make me who I am.

Stained, ripped size 6 jeans ~ it let's me know my little boy is truly a rough & tumble boy!  Reminds me that he is playing outside & living his childhood to the fullest!

The love that my daughter brings to my life.  Thankful for the time I have at home with her, the time I'm able to soak her up & listen to her little fairy voice as she sings to her babies to sleep.

I am thankful that I am at a point in my life that I'm able to see life for what really matters. I have found over the last year that the clock keeps ticking, it won't stop for you to catch up, & no matter how hard you try you can't go back. I am thankful that I'm able to cherish the small moments in life that many people let pass them by. I am thankful that I'm happy in my own skin, that I'm not afraid to be myself. I am thankful for each and every day I spend on this bright green earth, every hug I share with my family, every laugh I share, every tear I shed, every breath I take. I am thankful for each & everyone of you reading this. Each of you have a spot in my heart & I am thankful for every happy time we have had together.

So, be thankful for the smallest things in life. In the end you will find these are the most important moments in this journey we call life. Happy Thanksgiving ~ now close your computer down & go hug your family :)

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