Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

The Blue house is now the Red house... we are about 95% complete on the red ~ now just the rest of the white trim needs to turn khaki! ***Note:the photos do not show the color as pretty as it really is** So, now that we have put all this hard work into the house ~ it is time for PLAY!!  Last night was a blast @ the New Moon Release & Pre-Party @ the Pink Pig.  Now lets fast forward to tomorrow~~~ JOE PURDY!  Yes again ~ Jen & I have decided to to travel to see him when he is within 5 hours of Ellijay!  We just love the story he tells through his sweet tunes!  So if you haven't already go check him out :)

Here are a few pics of our fun time from his show in Atlanta.  Wish us luck ~ we always seem to get lost thanks to our running traps that just can't stop for the navigation to tell us which way to turn ;)  So we are leaving early in the morn, to allow room for error ~ WE ARE BEYOND EXCITED!

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