Monday, October 12, 2009

My super sweet family

It's that time of year again...time for fall photos in preparation for Christmas Cards! This year I kept last year in mind, and told the Engle Crew to dress comfy & pretend we were out having fun! I knew that if I forced everyone into stiff clothing & made them sit perfectly still we wouldn't get even one image out of the session. After setting the tripod up, we threw ourselves in front of the camera & goofed off. I did want one posed photo with a dramatic feel to it, but didn't get the support of the I'll settle for these ;)

I am so thankful for images like these, images that capture us at our truest moments. There is nothing better than soaking up some sweet sunshine with the people you love...  This day will be tucked away in the corner of my heart where all those perfect days are stored. Thanks for taking a look at the latest with the Engle Family. For all of you who are scheduled for the fall day...I'll be sending directions out by this weekend.

You've been counted