Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Happy, Silly, cute as can be Boswell Family

I have a new favorite!  Refer to photo above~ What a fun little session this was!  The Boswell Family was up for anything & even added their own flair to the session (as shown above)  I love when clients I've never met before are able to open up, be crazy & live life as if I weren't there. I have to say that it is a hard thing to do, we all feel funny when someone is pointing a camera in our face.. especially when that someone has online access with tons of viewers ;)  I give the Broswell Family two thumbs up for putting up with me & my silly ideas in the blazing sun, for having fun while doing it, and for making my Saturday fun!  This is why I love my job.

Look at these cute lil girlies!  I love em' to pieces~ I hope The Boswell Family will treasure this picture of childhood for years to come, I sure know I'm jealous & really wish it were an image I could hang on my wall~ (new goal.... learn to use the remote set up better & invest in super heavy duty duck tape to keep my kiddos still long enough for a session)  Susan, you were asking what some of my favorites were & this one above would no doubt be a wall hanger in m home ;) 

I will be editing more images from The Boswell Session & can't wait to view them myself..... the remaining images haven't been sorted through yet, so Susan.. I may have more favorites!

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