Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catchlights~ a magical thing!

The Catchlights in a subject's eyes are on of my favorite things! Most of the time it is the photographer (me) in the eyes of the children I photograph, which I LOVE! I look at it as if I'm in every image I take, my little signature on the image, look in the eyes & there I am! If you've had outdoor photographs taken by me, then look into the eyes of your children & you'll see what I'm talking about ~ Most of the time it takes zooming into the image, which most of you probably don't do....but if you try it I'm usually always there! I love this image because it isn't me that little Titus is looking at, it is his Father. While editing his images I found his catchlight looked different & zoomed in to find this~ super sweet if you ask me! If you click on the image it will make it even larger :)

Just thought I'd share one of my favorite things about photography~ Catchlights & what they mean to me!

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