Sunday, June 14, 2009

How old are you??? "I'm Mommy"

That is the response you get from Lyla when we talk about her turning 2 years old tomorrow! Ask her what she wants for her birthday and her reply is "Boo-loons" She is so excited about her big day...How do I know?!?!? Could it be the squeals of laughter as she runs in circles in the living room, singing "Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!" or maybe it could be the long list of people she wants to see tomorrow, or maybe because she has her cute little outfit already picked out! (yeah, and it isn't the one I made to match the theme!) I'm excited to see how well she does & to watch her be the star of the show for once. Tate will struggle with the presents not being for him & the day being devoted to much that he says he is changing his Birth date!

Keep an eye out for the new 'Shrinking Hippo' Pics! I'm going to take them tomorrow & hope to have them up within the next week :)

Happy Birthday to my sweet lil Lyla! I love you girl!

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