Friday, June 5, 2009

Complete Happiness!??!?!

It is what I strive for in live and be happy with those that I love & doing what I love.  I love more than anything to be with my family, to spend time with them doing nothing at all!  I miss all the time we once spent together...seems as if my life is turning faster than I can keep up with.  My kiddos are growing up and it feels as if I haven't really seen them in over a year.  May sound crazy to some of you, but I do know the ones of you reading this that know me best will understand.  I have been so blessed over the past three years to have a business grow & blossom before my eyes.  I have invested my heart in every photo I've taken and am so proud of my work, yet while capturing your memories I am missing mine.  I have a deep love for photography, I am able to express my creativeness, imagination, and love with my images.  The  images I capture mean so much to me, just knowing my clients will treasure them as a marking in time, a time we froze for the future to look back on.  I hope that each of my clients will understand how much I enjoy growing with their families, how I love to see a child I photographed at newborn age run to me and enjoy having their photos taken.  I am a photographer because I enjoy capturing life, I am a Mom because I have two lil people who love me more than life itself.  They rely on me daily to wake with the sun and be there for them, to play with them, love them, care for them, and devote my heart to them.  I do believe I am a good Mom even while I am busy with work, but miss being that "Super Mom"  I love & miss spending all day at the park with them, having pizza picnics in our woods, playing cars in the floor, tickling them until there belly aches, hanging sheets across the couch and hiding out in our PJ's all day long!  So here is the question...If I miss having these times with my children, then what does it mean to them??? The answer is.... Everything!  This is their childhood & all the make believe/imaginative play will disappear if it isn't practiced.  What am I getting at, you probably already know.....  I love my family and would put them before myself any day. I would put them before anything I want out of life, just to make their life complete.  I have come to the point that I want to slow down with work.  I have always wanted to be a stay at home mother to my children & over time have become a full time working Mom.  I asked myself a few questions....why are you working?!?!  Because I enjoy what I do.  Do you have to work for financial reasons?????  No.  What is consuming most of your time, family or work??!?!  80% work 20% family.  With these answers I've come to realize that I'm crazy!  I need to be working 20% and enjoying life 80%.  So here is the deal~  I am not going to accept any new appointments until 2010.  I will have photo days through out the year, such as the bed in field/couch in field, Christmas, Spring, Fall, etc.  This will give everyone a chance to have their family portraits and give me a chance to go to bed before 3am.  As far as Newborn, Maternity, and senior sessions...I will offer them but session fee will increase.  Wedding packages will also be increasing.  If you are on the books already the fees will remain the same, if you scheduled for a wedding but have not paid deposit the packages will be priced as of the going rate at time of deposit payment.   I hope you all understand and continue to support Nichol Engle Photography.  I will pick up appointments to full time basis again when Lyla is in Kindergarten.  I will then work during the weekday for a smaller fee, while weekend appointments will continue to be the new rate.  

I know some of you are more than upset, and that is understandable.  I have been told by several clients that if I were to go MIA that they would wait around until I return...I am flattered, but also want you to continue having your families photographed.  It is important to record life for your children and photographs are the best way.  I am currently training my assistant to photograph, edit, place orders, send invoices, return all emails with correct info, keep taxes up to date & much much more.  If you should want a session that isn't being covered by the photo day please keep her in mind.  

I do hope you all have a blessed weekend & please feel free to write me with any questions you may have. 

I will try to update the pricing info on the website  tomorrow or Sunday.


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