Friday, March 6, 2009

It's all NEW! Please read carefully!

Nichol Engle Photography

As of March 1, 2009 LNE Photography will be known as Nichol Engle Photography. I have created a new website to better serve my clients and hope that you will take a few minutes to get familiar with the new options and layout. I will now offer custom framing, canvas enlargements, gallery wraps, and many more wonderful items. The print quality is excellent and I couldn’t be happier with the new site. Remember it is a work in progress. I have many more options to add to the ordering/packages.

7% sales tax will be added to all session fees and packages.

Home-Studio or on location Session Fee $75.00
Includes a session for one hour of Photography, by Nichol Engle. Session fee is for the time and talent of the photographer and does not include any prints. The session fee is non-refundable. The client will be shown at least 35-50 images. Ordering can be done online, within 30 days of album completion. The session can be shot on location with 20 miles of studio. Any distance after will be $10 per 20 miles. Session fee covers up to six people. $15 per additional person.

Newborn Session (0-6 weeks only) $100.00
This session includes a session in client’s home within Jasper, Ellijay, or Canton. The session is not based on time, as we will be working on the baby’s time. Normally 1-3 hours. The session fee includes the time and talent of the photographer, and one (1) digital image for client to use for their birth announcements. Client will be shown at least 35-50 images online. Ordering can be done within 30 days of album completion. Coverage includes Jasper, Ellijay, and Canton. Please contact Nichol if you live outside of the coverage area. Travel fee $10 per 20 miles.

Senior Session $150.00
This session includes 2 hours on location, with the choice to use the studio. Up to five clothing changes, included. The session fee will also include extra editing, of words to photos. (Example: Senior 09’) The session fee includes the time and talent of the photographer and (5) of the best digital images, (copyright protected) for teen’s site online. (Example: Myspace, Facebook, Blogger, etc.) The client will be shown at least 35-60 images online. Locations include: Jasper, Ellijay, and Canton. Please contact Nichol if you are outside of coverage area. Travel is $10 per 20 miles.

Print orders online
Once your session is complete, the photos will be edited and uploaded to you will have 30 days for the date of album completion to place your order. Online viewing will remain, but orders will not be processed after this date. Digital Images on disc will be available for purchase for up to 6 months from album completion date. Each month after the first 30 days a storage fee of $25.00 will apply. After 6 months the images will be deleted.

Digital Negatives ~ Disc $275.00
The Disc of Digital Negatives will contain 35-40 images, fully edited and free of watermark. The images will be full resolution files and ready for printing up to poster size prints. When purchasing the disc, you are also purchasing the right to print, copy, enlarge, email, share images. You will not own the images. The images remain the property of Nichol Engle Photography, and can be used in promotional, or advertising as seen fit by Nichol Engle. In the event that you purchase the disc, and you decide to add the images to an online site I do require photo credit to be given to the Photographer.

Editing Info for all Sessions
Each image will be looked at individually and edited as seen fit. Once Images are edited by Photographer the client may have the choice to change two simple edited photos, without an additional fee. During the editing process I will add text to images, use color selection, etc. the photographer's edits will be included in the session fee. With the number of photos to edit lowered, I will now be able to pay close attention to the files being edited. I will be able to do extensive editing to your images, when I couldn't in the past. In the past I edited a large amount of images and spent hours editing each photo, but now will be able to weed through the images and apply my attention to the best images from the session. I believe this policy will result in excellent images, and overall better work flow.

Additional Editing Prices & Options
$15.00 - $20.00 per image, per edit choice
Extensive Editing Includes: Blemish removal, smoothing hair, whitening teeth, whitening eyes, brightening iris’, adding borders, adding text, adding textures, adding over-lays, making colleges, color selection, removing person from photo, slimming waist line, changing color of clothing, etc.

Simple Editing Prices & Options
(this edit will be applied to all images, free of charge. To change a edited photo, rate will apply.)$5.00 per image
Simple Editing Includes: Changing image to Black & White, Sepia, Antique, Cool Tones, Sun Tones, or any other color correction selected by Photographer.

All payments should be made in the form of cash or credit/debit online. You may also pay via paypal. Checks will no longer be accepted unless paying in advance, due to the amount of return checks in the past. If you decide to pay in advance with check, please contact me first.
Wedding Prices differ from the session prices. If you would like a quote for your wedding photography, feel free to contact me or via phone.
All changes will be effective on appointments booked after March 6, 2009. If you booked an appointment before this date yet have not completed your appointment, the session fee will remain the same as quoted in the past. The price of prints or disc may differ, as noted on the website. “Prices are subject to change without notice” *Example: You booked an appointment last week for May 11th, you will pay the session fee rate as it was last week, equaling $50.00. If you choose to order prints during the month of May or any other time after March 6, 09 you will pay the going rate. Same applies for the disc of digital images.
Nichol Engle Photography to be featured in ‘I Do for Brides’ Magazine, June 09’. Nichol Engle’s work will also be featured in Jasper Drug Store in Jasper, Ga.

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