Sunday, March 15, 2009

THe flUffY FrEsh LIneN dAy! BOOK YOUR SPRING PHOTOS NOW. April 4th, 2009

I'm so excited to see this day come together~ I'm sure this is going to be my FAVORITE photo day to date! (yes, may even beat 'The Field of Dreams' with the couch in field.....which I hope to do again this year)

Time Slots are listed at the bottom of page....first come first serve :) Last year it booked within 3 days, so please respond as soon as you are certain. I will ONLY BOOK 14 appointments and for the listed date only! PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS BEFORE SIGNING UP.

I will be booking 30 minute appointments all through out the day, the appointments are PREPAY only. This is the only way to insure the appointment is kept. Payment is due in full by March 30th. Additional payment info will be given to you when booking appointment. *Note* online payment is now available. I am requiring at least 12 appointments for the day, due to the high cost of props. If the appointment requirement isn't met the day will not be scheduled & all payments, if any, will be returned in full.

This Photo Day is based on Children, although we will be able to do a shot or two with the complete family. I do require the child to be able to sit alone in order to photograph all poses possible. If the child can not sit, the photo count/poses will be lower....but you are more than welcome to come ;)

*Photo Day Details* $50.00 + $3.50 (tax 7%) fee per family....(seperate families may not combine their time)

A vintage style bed will be set up OUTSIDE, waiting for your little one to bounce & play for up to 30 minutes while being photographed by Nichol Engle. The bed will have white linens & big fluffy pillows! I will provide a pillow of feathers for each child to toss and play as feathers fill the air! The day will be filled with great memories & lots of laughter! I can't wait to see how the photos turn out...I know the kids will love it! (please make sure NOT to tell your children about jumping on the bed....I want them to be calm enough to sit for a few pics, then I will tell them about the fun we'll have;)

The rate above includes up to two children. Additional children will be $10.00 each to cover pillow cost. The session includes the photographer's time & talent, prints or discs are not included in this price. To purchase prints please visit the disc can be ordered directly from Nichol. *Special disc price will be offered, prices will vary depending on the number of images captured during your session. Please contact Nichol once your photos are complete.

As far as clothing.... I will post some examples asap on my blog just as soon as I can.... with this shoot I think less is more. If it were my kiddos I would put them in a cute pair of jeans with the warn look and a simple top. For the girls~ make sure to leave their hair down, so we will get the 'Fun Hair' while jumping. The photos will be taken without maybe jeans rolled up, no shirt for the little boys!??!!? I plan on having my fluffy skirts with me for the girls :) just check my blog in the next few days for suggestions & photos.

The idea was inspired by a Photography Class I took in Atlanta....I've just been waiting for the weather to roll around & here it is....SPRING! I went online looking for an example to show you guys, but couldn't find anything like what I want to here is something kinda like it. I vision the day with the kiddos jumping on the bed, feathers flying, and my camera recording it all ~ we will take a few shots similar to this one and a few of the kiddos sitting on the bed.

*Photo taken by Paige & Jude Photography, posted only to show an example. Thanks to Paige & Jude Photography for the use of their photo.

Available Appointments

10:00  Blakely Lowery

10:30 Myles McCall

11:00  Carson

2:00  Kyla & Jeremy Smith

2:30  Jeremy's Friend

3:00  Logan

3:30  Greg, Jessica & Braxton Burrell

4:00  Kohler 

5:00  Jade, McCrea, & Eternity

5:30  Brown Boys

6:00  Abby

6:30  Chetley & Alicia Cox

7:00 Christy's Twins

Rain Date: April 11th.

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