Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friday Fall Photoday September 23, 2011 RESET DUE TO RAIN!!

Hey guys.. I want so badly to wrap our Vintage Fall Photoday up but this weather doesn't seem to be looking too good for it.  As of now it is 30% chance of rain in afternoon hours, so instead of chancing it & getting our sweet green couch wet I am calling it off.  Even if it doesn't rain a drop our lighting has to be good or the image quality will suffer greatly!  We want the best for you images & session so Friday's Fall Day is cancelled and will be set to date that works for each of you.  I will contact you soon to collect dates that you are available on.  :)  Can't wait & thanks for checking the blog for our updates... we are planning new cool things every day so keep your eyes peeled for the fun stuff that lies ahead :)

Big Love, The Southern Grace Gals.

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