Saturday, July 23, 2011

BACK 2 SCHOOL photo day! August 6, 2011

Directions:  From Walmart red light in Ellijay go South for 11 miles South toward Jasper.  Then Turn LEFT onto Antioch Church Road.. go to the end of the road (past the gas station & post office) at stop sign you will go Straight across the road into the drive way to cream color house.. has covered porch, and is an older-remodeled home.  We will be behind the house at the tree fort :) *****PLEASE CHECK THIS SITE BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO GET READY AND AGAIN BEFORE YOU LEAVE.. IF IT WERE TO RAIN US OUT WE WILL POST IT HERE, IF THERE IS NOT AN UPDATE THEN WE ARE GOOD TO GO!  YOU MAY ALSO TEXT ME TO CHECK BEFORE YOU DRIVE OUT  706-889-2425

Get your tutus and skull shirts ready ~ we are going to host a beyond cool shoot Kid Club House Style! 

Get ready for AUGUST 6th ~ It'll be 100% fun for the kids & will capture the meaning of childhood (wild and carefree!) 

$150.00 Session and disc investment total. Payable in two payments $50 due now to book & final payment of $100 due August 6th.  **Share our link on your Facebook page & if a friend books FOR THIS PHOTODAY, have them tell us your name (in payment section)  and you will get $25 taken off your final payment for this shoot.  The referral must be made when friend pays for session and only one referral discount per session.  

We will be setting up our photoday in Talking Rock in a real, tried & true club house.  I will be looking for a pirate style flag to hang from the door.. we are painting signs for the sides of the club house & over the door.  The signs will read "NO BOYS ALOUD" / "NO GIRLS ALOUD"  (depending on child)  and above the door we will have custom name signs.. example "Lyla's Club House" or 
"Tate's Fort established 2011"  We may have some kinda treats for the kids to eat while in the club house. **Please email me if your child has allergies to certain foods** 

I want to see funky attire ~ crazy colors, girls in tutu's, and funky leggings &  boys in Skull shirts, ripped up jeans with rain boots!  I want anything different and fun!!!

We want the kids to have fun with this photoday, as always we want them begging not to leave! I hear it all the time and I will never tire of hearing it "Nichol our children had so much fun & constantly ask when they can come back?!"  So please when you tell the kiddos that they are going to have their pictures made.. use these words "Kids, let's get dressed as we are going to play with a friend of mine today.. her name is Nichol & she wants you to see her cool fort!"   If the kids believe we are playing then I won't have to work through their stiff "Cheese" smile and they will have fun while I get the stuff I need :) 

Each session will be 20 minutes of photographer's time and talent and will include the disc of images to print as you wish.  We recommend using for your printing needs.  Please go to this site to view print pricing and extra products you may like.   
Please make sure to arrive on time and dressed for your appointment slot as we will have appointments directly after yours.  Please feel free to bring special props that are special to your children, we will always try to incorporate them into the set.
With your session you will get between 20-60 images depending on the child's temperament and age.  We normally see an average of 40 images with sessions like this.     

Here is a sample of the clubhouse.. it is not decorated and the lil sweetie in the image was not dressed in attire we are requesting, but his will give you an idea of the cuteness this day will hold :) 

Appointmnet Log:

10:00 Chloe Prosser
10:30 Tammy Jones.
11:00 Nichole Ehman
11:30 Lisa Vest
12:00 Becca Shelton
12:30 Susan Deaton
1:30 Crystal Wojno
2:00 Katie Mayfield
2:30 Ginger Montgomery 
3:00 McKenzie Gaddis

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