Sunday, September 5, 2010


Okay guys, I have to change a few details around so that everything for fall flows well.  I have an inbox full of appointment requests and no where to put them.  I have a had a few last minute cancellations over the last couple of weeks and with no time to reschedule them.  Considering this, I have decided to change the prepayment terms, (as stated all details can change without notice).  Instead of paying for your session 2 weeks prior to your appointment date, I will be requiring Pre-payment of session fee in order to add your name to the calendar.  For those of you who have an appointment scheduled with me, I will leave your name on the calendar for 1 week (until September 12, 2010) if payment is not made by this date your appointment time will be filled.  I hope this doesn't bring inconvenience to you or your family, but feel this will help provide coverage for those who truly need an appointment.  I have sent an invoice to most of you, if you did not receive one please contact me.. or scroll to bottom of blog to make payment.  If you are NOT on the calendar, please do not pay for session.. as I do not have any open appointments slots at this time.  ***Please note***this is for private hourly sessions, this does not apply to photo days, as photo days are already current on session fees.

This info will also be sent to your email address as I have on file.  I hope you all understand the reason for this change.  I look forward to serving you all, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Thanks for everything ~ Nichol

And incase you guys are longing for some eye candy ~ here are some super sweet shots from our most recent sessions!  I really don't know of a time I had so much fun working ~ these people were something else :) Big THANKS to the Stover family for their loyalty to Nichol Engle Photography, we wouldn't be us... without people like you!

And the beautiful, Ryan.. you were a dream to work with.  Talk about some natural beauty.. 

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