Thursday, July 22, 2010

Upcoming Photo days ~ Fall Dates BOOK NOW :)


So, I normally don't do this but.... we are going to go ahead & post the fall photo days.  My phone has been going crazy for the last few days with everyone wanting to book the fall dates since they didn't get in on the August shoot.  These are the only dates we will be able to open for family sessions until 2011.  Please read details in full before booking.  The payment made below will be to hold your session, there will be final payment due at time of appointmentSession fee is non refundable, so please make sure to write this date down.  In the event of inclement weather we will reschedule the date.. if you are unable to make the second scheduled date your payment will be refunded in full.

Below are examples from last year's Fall Photo Days, though we will use different location & different props, this will give you an idea of what to expect from 30 minutes of coverage time **also check out the super cute Christmas cards!


September 18 & 19, & November 6, 2010  $250.00  Split into two payments.  $125.00 due at time of booking and $125.00 due at time of session.  This session will include photographer's time & talent for 30 minutes on dates stated above.  CHRISTMAS CARD DESIGN with the best photo from your sesssion :) We will design the card in 4x8 or 5x7 size, then you can print  them as you like.  With this session you will be given the printing rights to photos on disc.  You can copy, share, enlarge prints as you like.  All images will be edited as shown on website & ready for printing.  Disc will come with cute custom photo label with printing rights on label.  Photos will be full resolution files and can be printed upto poster size prints.  We will also provide online professional printing lab info for your printing needs, so that you recieve professional grade images at cost.

 We plan to have a Country Outdoor location, possibly with a VINTAGE TRUCK... still working on that ;)  All the details are still in the works, but like previous photo days ~ just trust me.. I'll be GREAT!  We always go all out for the seasonal shoots & will not shoot at a location that is anything less than amazing! 

Once the time slots below are booked, we will not accept any further booking.. and payment option will be removed from this page.  This page is updated by yours truly.. so just because it isn't posted with a name, doesn't mean it is available.. should you pay and the spots be full, I will refund your payment directly in full.

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September 18, 2010 (Saturday)
10:00~ Wells Family
10:30~Hali Roper
11:00~Ehman Family
11:30~Jessica Gearhart
1:30~Kim Poole
2:00~Amy Kieser
2:30~Jenny Harrison
3:30~Morgan Malcolm
4:00~Amber Thacker & Family
4:30~ Sherri Burnette
5:00~Cayla West & Family
5:30~Cayla West & family

September 19, 2010

1:00 Griffies Family
2:00~Heather Spinks
3:00~Tera Phillips
3:30~ Break
4:00~ Katie Goforth & family
4:30~Jamie Williams
5:00~Brian & Jessi Barton
5:30~Fowler Family
6:00 Cindy Dotson Family

November 6th (Saturday)  BOOKED SOLID ~ THANKS GUYS!!!  *** Please note that some time slots were already booked, so I put you as close to the requested time as I could.  If this time does not work please let me know :) 
10:30~Dana Penland
11:00~Heidi Weaver
11:30~Kleinburg Family
12:00~Cody & Matthew
1:30~Jenny Roland
2:00~Jenny Roland
2:30~Courtney Akin
3:30~Amanda Wesley
4:00~Saywer 1 yr.
4:30~ Bridget Roland
5:00~Brandy McClure & Family
5:30~Amber & Dewey Cardd

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