Thursday, June 24, 2010

Senior Class of 2011 Photo Day September 25th!!

Okie doke ~ I have it all together :)  I know there are several of you who have been stalking the blog for the past week & are probably so excited to see it posted!

We will be hosting the Senior Class of 2011 Photo Day on September 25, 2010 (Saturday).  Big things will happen this year ~ we will be hitting different locations through out the day, we'll talk about the location that suits your child the best & that's where we'll shoot.  I will have fun new props for this photo day (maybe a comfy couch) & some of my traditional stuff too (suitcases, thank you signs, frame, etc.)  I will only be able to open 6 slots as listed below.  We will be working with each client for 1 hour.  I will give each of you a call to chat about locations & email directions out in August :)  If inclement weather, we will reschedule to October 9th.  Please make sure to have both dates available just incase.

As you can see in the prior post (below) we have a great time with Seniors!  I absolutely love photographing Seniors, it is a time in life that if full of adventure.  Seniors sessions are a blast, as each of the young adults bring something new to the day.  I can't wait to meet your child & capture this very important milestone.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

As always, we are hosting this as first come first serve.  Once payment is made you will be added to the appointment log. Please send your preferred time slot in the comment area of your payment form.  I will do my best to put you in the spot you request or the closest to it.  If appointment log should book in full and you have made payment your payment will be refunded in full, directly.

Senior Session $400.00 inlcudes one hour session on location.  Extra editing on 10 photos (example: Name, Senior 2011 in corner, poems, quotes, glamour, etc.)  Includes full resolution edited files on disc, ready for printing.  As many outfit changes as you can pack into your hour.   At least 30-60 images on disc.  Online information for professional printing at consumer cost.  And lots & lots of FUN!

**Please note**  $200.00 due at time of booking (click below to pay), $200.00 due at time of session.

Senior Session & Disc Deposit

10:30 Holly Chester
12:00 Jessica Yeargin
1:30 LUNCH Break
2:30 Cody
4:00  Plourde
5:30 Anna Ensley
For ideas on what to wear, check out the slide show on post below.

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