Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where have I been?!?!

So many of you are asking for a new blog post.. we'll wanna see what has been keeping me away from my blog ~ Here's the reason...
the garden is calling my name, daily!  Though all the hard work is paying off as we bring in fresh dinner :)  
Another love I have found is the river.  We have been heading to the river any free second we have.  Tate has been out of school not even a week & we've hit the water several times.  It is like a wonderland out there and the kids learn so much by being in the natural setting.  We hiked up the falls yesterday only to find more beauty.  Such a great way to spend a day.  I'm oh so blessed to be living life to it's fullest.  A big thanks to Rob for all his time spent away from home working so that all this is possible.  I love ya, babe!   I have everything I could possibly dream of and it's a little thing called family...just wish you weren't away so much.  We miss you!  

Kristen & I have also been super busy with wedding coverage, photo days & private sessions.  We've covered so many awesome families in the last few weeks & am so proud of the captures!  Thanks to you all for sharing your moments with Kristen & I.  We have enjoyed getting to know you all better & making lasting memories of you life. 
 Congrats to Tracy & Tom, you guys are truly a cute, love-able couple that I enjoyed working with.  

We had an awesome turn out for both photo days.  Our second day was a bit overcast & made things somewhat challenging to capture that perfect lighting, but thanks to you all who came & waded through the wet grass & enjoyed the river with us.  
Anything Goes Photo Day #2  Grace, and Emma Kate Bramlett ~ these girls are little firecrackers!  I love hearing what lil Grace will think up next.  She is a riot just to sit and listen to ;)  I love her pink toe nails & her sassy lil grin.  Emma Kate and I met when she was a weee lil one (newborn session)  She was a pure beauty from day one.  I am so thankful for all of my repeat clients who I have been blessed to watch grow over the last few years.  You guys are why I do what I do.  Thanks!
Anything Goes Photo Day #3  Codie & Matthew.  My new clients!  I had such a great session with lil Matthew, and his mother is to die for.. such a beautiful woman, who needs to realize how truly beautiful she is.. I'd kill for her hair!  Really~ watch out Codie ;)   lol
Little Matthew, he captured my heart & I will forever and ever remember his session.  As I carried him from the creek, his fat lil fingers stroked my hair as his little head laid on mine.  It made my heart melt, as I could close my eyes and remember Tate doing the same thing at his age.    Thanks Codie for sharing your little love bug with me, hold him tight.. it goes by fast! 

I also had the pleasure of meeting this lil fella.  Everyone welcome Morgan Pritchett to the wonderful world.  I started photographing his older brother, Logan while he was still in the oven.  This family has been such a blessing to know, and I am so happy to see them adding to the bunch!  Congrats, Donnie & Melissa ~ he's perfect in every way!

Oh and the wonderful Wells Family.  I loved this Family at the Apple Orchard Shoot & they brought whole crew this time.  We had fun working with such a large group.  Thanks guys for the great evening!  Little Lila, I'm gonna eat you up the next time I see ya.. love those red little curls! 

The Fletcher Family ~ now they were fun!  One busted lip & wet pants later ;)  Just playin' guys ~ I'm the one who said to throw the rock & I'm the one who wanted to jump in the water for the shot.  I totally loved it & the pics are sooooo worth the bumps and bruising I run into.. I'll be posting more to your session asap! Thanks for the fun & can't wait for your to join us on a photo day in the future!  

We also had life long friends of Rob's from Ohio come in for the weekend.  What a sweet family they were.  I am glad to have met them after hearing all the war stories they've had together ;)  Check out lil Declan, my kids can't stop talking about him.. (almost for a second had me seeing us with another baby ~ but then I remembered all the sleepless nights & decided to hold the baby and return him to his Momma ;)   **Jen & Dave, you guys forgot a bottle here.. you should come get it asap, it's worth the drive down ;) 
So, as you all can see..I've been a bit busy, so I hope this super dooper long blog post will tie you all over for a bit.  I've gotta get back to work & grab some rest.. Dr.'s orders!

Mega Love to you all *N.  

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