Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Travel in Time photo day~ WOW!

What a great photo day this was.  And I'm gonna say it again "I wish I had brought my kiddos out to this one!"  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the turn out of this day.  I love seeing an idea develop before my eyes!  I have to say a HUGE thank you to Kristen Thompson for all her hard work that hot day.  Without her the photos wouldn't be what they are ~ she's my light, and what is a photo image made of ~ LIGHT.  Another thank you to Vicki Thompson, for all your ideas & props!  Thanks to Neal Smith for his AWESOME car, which really topped the whole thing off.  Thanks to the Towery Family for the great location & trust they put in me to use it.  Thanks to Kristie Roland, for helping all the little stinkers get dressed.  Thanks to 3 little Birds Boutique for the custom clothing designs ~ you are wonderful!  And thanks to YOU~ for coming out & giving me something to photograph.
 So, as you see photo days take a lot of planning & help from everyone.  I had spoke of planning another photo day at the end of this month, but will not be able to fully plan it out just yet.   (May 8th, is a possibility..but also Mother's Day let me ponder on it for a few more days & yes, this is your heads up for booking! hee hee)
I've been working hard to get all the editing completed, but aging these photos is very time consuming.  I'm about 90% complete, and am spending all these pretty days inside on my computer.. so rest assured I will finish them up pronto ;)  I'm thankful to have such patient clients, who understand that it all takes time & that I will complete the images to their fullest.  And here it is, in black & white ~ so hold me to it!  "I WILL FINISH THE IMAGES THIS WEEK."  now, you all have my word.. and it's as good as gold.  So plan to pick up the discs, if you did pre-pay, this weekend.  If you did not, you may order prints via the website or contact me for calculation of you disc price, which will be determined by the number of images we collected.

Hope you all had a blast on the Travel in Time shoot! Hope to see you all again soon :) Hug those kiddos for me :)

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