Thursday, October 22, 2009

Appointment times Fall Orchard Day

There have been a few of you that have emailed about your time slots.... Not certain what time you have booked for, so here is the list for you guys.  It'll be on the blog, as I post the older posts move down the if you don't see it tomorrow in the same spot, just scroll down the page.  If a few weeks this post will be on the second page of blog, so you'd then need to click on 'older post' which is found on the bottom of this page on the right hand side.  This way you all can find the older posts that you aren't able to view.  I've switch the blog around a bit, so that I can post larger images.  I understand it may take a little getting used to, so please feel free to email me if you need.  Thanks!

Saturday October 24, 2009

10:00  Ashley & Carson
10:30  Courtney Akin
11:00  Jennifer Hall
11:30  Cindy Dotson
12:00 Brittany Reece
12:30  Kristal Hemphill
1:00   Tiffany & Family
2:00  Media Bragg
2:30  Jeanie Ayers
3:00  Ashley Stover
3:30  Tallman Family
4:00  Lynn Buckner
4:30  Heather Barkley
5:00  Johnson Family

Sunday October 25, 2009

10:00  Kleinburg Family
10:30  Jessica Brown
11:00  John (Property Owner)
11:30  Michelle McArthur
12:00  Samantha Callihan
12:30  Amanda Wesley
2:00  Laura Bramlett
2:30  Alicia Cox
3:00  Haley Reece
3:30  Amy & Family
4:30  Genia & Family
5:00 Amber & Dewey Cardd

October 30, 2009  FRIDAY

1:00- Angie & Family
1:30- Nichole & Family
3:00- Lauren Gaydon & Family
3:30- Bellew Family
4:00- Bryce Roland
4:30- Cayla West Family
5:00- Brian, Jennifer, Lachlin, & Leora Hall

You've been counted