Friday, August 21, 2009

The August contest WInNEr is............

jsmith46  which after reading the sweet story....I know it is the sweet Jeannie Ayers!  
  congrats girl~ Rob found himself laughing & feeling the pain for your hubby!  He chose your story because it seemed as if you have went above & beyond to show your loyalty to my business & also truly appreciate the work that goes into it.  He struggled with the decision and actually had to pick a second story too ;)  He chose Jeannie's story as his first pick & this will be the one that receives the Blog Give-A-Way as listed in the prior post.  His second choice was  MLB608 known as Media Bragg!  He chose your story, Media because he felt as if it was something you guys really deserve, he agreed that your family should have the special moments you are living in right now captured & felt as if he couldn't leave out your story, so that others would be able to read the goose bump givin' story you submitted.  You will get a secret gift, that I'm not really sure of right at the moment~ but it'll be super cool & you'll be thrilled! 
For all of the others who posted..I will give you extra punches on the frequent addict cards I'm in the process of making~ which will in turn get your Nichol Engle Photography goodies :)  So there were no losers with this one & am so thankful for all of you who played along~  I really think it helped Rob understand that the time I invest in my business is important not only to me but to you.  I feel as if he were able to take a walk in my shoes for a minute & see why I enjoy my job so much & I why my clients mean so much to me.  Thanks guys & I love you all :)

Here is Jeannie's Story......
"Why I really really really need/want a Fall Photo Day appt.............
>        I had my maternity pics taken with Nichol when I was 2 weeks from my due date  and only one week from the day I actually gave birth. This may not sound all that amazing, but my husband and I drove 4 hours to have the pics made. Not only did we drive 4 hours, we drove 4 hours in a 2001 two door Honda Civic with two boxers in the back in the middle of July while I was already 1.5 cm dilated!! Boy did I catch hell from my doctor when we got back home!! My husband thought I was insane, but I saw the pics Nichol had done of Heather (your sis in law) while she was prego and I just KNEW I had to have my pics made with her and I just KNEW that if I didn't I would regret it for the rest of my life!! (Looking back I realize this may have been a little unreasonable and dramatic, but I still feel that I would have regretted it had we not had them made.) I have always been very shy of the camera for various reasons (I am not all that photogenic, and someone may have given me a complex because they said when my husband and I were first dating, "Well, at least she has a pretty body." <--- and that may have been true 7 years ago, but when you are prego, i don't think anyone feels like they have a nice body.  ANYWAYS..... so I was nervous about having my pics taken but your wife made me feel so at ease with the whole process and the pics came out better than I could have ever dreamed. They are the most beautiful pics I have ever had taken and I actually treasure them over our wedding photos!! If our house were burning down I would save my maternity pics over our wedding pics, for sure!!!
>    So we had maternity pics taken and I so wanted to have our son's newborn pics made, but because we live so far away it complicated the process. And on top of trying to travel 4 hours with a 2 or 3 week old baby, our son was born with a clubfoot which required us to travel the 45 mins. to B-ham every week on a Weds. to see our amazing Pediatric Orthopedist. (It wasn't that bad of a trip if I had someone to go with me-- which was usually my mom, thank goodness. And I am not complaining or whining about our situation because Lord knows we are blessed to only have a clubfoot which is a completely treatable condition.) ANYWAYS..... so after taking him to B-ham weekly and seeing him go through the casting process and him having to put up with not getting to move his right leg freely and not fitting into the carseat just right, we weren't usually OK with putting him through the 4 hour drive to Ellijay to have his pics made. I tried to find a photographer in B-ham to have his pics made with, but all their pics were too cheesy for us and they were all VERY expensive. I have been hoping to have our pics made with Nichol since Memphis has been out of his casts and since traveling has been so much easier, but she is a busy girl and unfortunately we have had a busy last couple of months and it hasn't worked out!! That is why I NEED an appointment for the Fall photo day!! Because I have almost no professional photos of my son ( but we did make it to have our Christmas pics made with Nichol as a family, which of course turned out amazing!!) and because now he is moving around more and has more personality for her to capture with her magic eye. (And because I finally lost the 30 lbs. of baby weight and we need to have family pics made!!!  ; )
> Thank You!!!"

Here is Media's Story.....

> I would like to take a few minutes to tell you why I would like to have a 
family photo session in the Fall with Nichol.  Her photography is like no other I have ever seen.  She not only captures the image, she captures life, love, and honesty in the eyes of her clients.  Sometimes this honesty is seen through the innocence of a child, or the love two people share when looking into each other's eyes.  With that said, I cannot tell you enough how much I have come to treasure my family.  This past year I have suffered my share of heartache and disappointment.  I stood at the gates of hell and by the Grace of God I was brought back by my loving husband.  I now feel as if I am as close to Heaven as I will be here on Earth-when I'm with my husband and my child.  I have come to realize how very important your family is and nothing in this world is more important than being with them.
> I am so blessed and thankful for them 
everyday of my life and would love for this blessing to be captured on film,as only Nichol knows how, to reflect upon for years to come. 
> Nichol's photographs capture these moments in people's lives that just can't be recreated; such as a 
newborn baby, a pregnant mother, or a wedding.   I also believe she could capture what you can't see with the human eye: Love.  When two people love each other with such a passion like nothing else in the world, it shows( you know what I'm talking about here because I see it in your and Nichol's eyes when I see photos of ya'll together).  This photo session is particularly special to me due to timing.  You know the old saying: timing is everything.  Well, I know we will feel this way for each other for years to come but, right now it's just glowing and I would love for Nichol to capture this glow that may be unseen to others but I know she could showcase it like no one else!!!!  I can just imagine these pictures hanging in my living room, bedroom, heck......all over my  
> I have known Nichol for many years and have shared a few funny memories with her.  She is a great person and has an imagination of 
endless possibilities.  Ya'll have a super sweet family and seem very blessed.  Thanks for reading this and considering me for this fun contest Nichol came up with .

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