Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If you could bottle HAPPINESS, this is what it would look like!

What a sweet couple of rug rats I have!  These two balls of energy are always on the go!  When I woke this morning I noticed the rain & felt the urge to get out of the house...first thing that came to my mind was shopping!  Well after weighing it all out & realizing that shopping in the rain, with two kids would be a train wreck..I decided to make the best of the wet day & play in it!  The munchins were over joyed by the idea!  We had to brush teeth and have breakfast first. Then what do you know ~ the rain stops!  So with a water hose & more 
energy than a full throttle can ever provide, we hit the drive way!  Tater was dressed his best in PJ's and lyla was sporting her new (loved by mom) pony tai & Rain boots.  These are some of the images that captured the day.  

Tater decided to top it all off by jumping in the pool in his clothes, I guess I'm just thankful he removed his shirt first ;)  Today was a total hit~ we finished up the fun in the bath!  The little monkeys were so excited to be aloud to splash, even if it wet the floor, that they came close to drowning one another!  

This is one of those days I will tuck back in that little happy spot of my brain and hope it never fades..... I want to remember every sound of laughter & happy moment today held.  (all the nagging/fighting in between we'll let go of ;)

A lesson I learned from today.... Make something out of nothing~ and it just may be your everything!

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