Thursday, April 9, 2009

I do understand........

The fluffy Fresh Linen Day was an awesome, awesome set & we captured some great images! I know you are all excited about seeing your photos & having them to hang on your walls......I am just as excited to edit them to see what the final results are :) I am writing to let all of you that I am working every night & haven't been to bed before 2am in weeks, trying to get caught up...but am over loaded with images to edit. I am currently designing cards for Senior Invitations (due yesterday) I'm editing Images for the Bridal Magazine (due tonight) and trying to finish up on the newborn Announcement design. All of these items have a dead line that have to be met, so I am diving into them first. I do hope all of you understand that there is only one little ole' Nichol & thousands of images to edit. I am doing my very best to get everything out in a timely manor. Now that it is pretty out, I will be able to edit more during the day...I'll throw the kiddos in the sand box (that I built all by myself, I'll post pics later ;) and edit away! I will get to everyone's images, but want to be able to take my time on each client so that it is done right. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me, I am here for ya! Thanks so much for your support & for understanding that everything takes some time. I do understand the excitement & want you all to continue to be excited about your sessions & photos~ until next time...much love & enjoy your Easter Weekend! (P.S. please remember what Easter is all about, take a second & explain it to your children. It is important that they know it's more than a bunny & eggs...just had to ramble a little or it wouldn't be a "Nichol Post") If you are bored, go check out the new sneak peek of Julie's Newborn, Madi & Cute, chubby, Chetley! Remember to leave comments~ we all love reading them :)

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