Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What makes this world go 'round.....

It is sweet, good hearted people like this that make this world go 'round! 

Just wanted to post a few little notes that clients & strangers have written to me. I also wanted to thank them from the bottom of my heart. It feels nice to know that people notice the work behind photography, and that it isn't just buying a camera & clicking the button. I am extremely proud to say that I am a self taught Photographer. In the beginning I will be honest, I was alittle ashamed to admit that I had not been to school for Photography but have since come to realize that sometime the best way is to take the road untraveled because while exploring you will learn things that had someone lead you, you would have missed. I feel as if I have made mistakes but they are mistakes I would not change, because I was taught something from each of them. I continue to strive on learning tricks and new ways to make my photography better. I am excited everytime I pick my camera up, as I know I will learn something new or try something alittle different than the rest. As most of my clients know, I can seem alittle "out there" when it comes to my ideas....but in the end I think we all see what the the craziness leads to....awesome, original images. Prime example: I was at a wedding last weekend and a little old man noticed me LUGGING around my HUGE, OLD, PAINT PEELING Frame.....he says "Hey Lady, I'll buy that frame for $1.00" I winked at him and said, "nah, I think I'll keep it, but I'll keep your offer in mind." What he doesn't realize is only minutes later we got this Image from that nasty frame.

Another example of my craziness is found in children.  They are so honest & innocent and speak exactly what they think.  Last week I was photographing a sweet lil 5 year old, Ava.  Ava noticed the location we were going to and stated "Why would we go here to this trash place to take pictures."  She was right, it was an abandoned land where a hold home place once stood & next to it was a concrete slab where skaters hang out.....trash was littered all around, but what she didn't see, was what I saw.  I snagged this image from the property I now refer to as the "Trash Place"  Thanks Ava for being a good sport & doing as I asked, one day you will see the beauty that I find in dumpy old places like the Trash Place  :)

Here are a few of the most recent letters from my clients or complete strangers, (in which I hope to meet everyone of you).  Thanks to all of you who have taken time to write me ~ It means the world to me.

I wanted to compliment you on your photography. Justin Hughes is a friend of my family's so I get to see your work via mspace from time to time. This last wedding group of pictures you shot is absolutely genius! I am a wordsmith/poet but cannot seem to find the words tell you how inspiring your photos are! I am so glad to see a young woman believe in herself and work such wonders behind the camera! Thanks for sharing yourself with the world!

Donna B. White Ellijay, Ga.


Hi!  My name is Genia , and I'm a fellow photographer in Georgia.  I stumbled across your website and just thought I would take the time to tell you what an amazing job you have done.  Usually as a photographer I'm either impressed or not impressed, and will either hang out and look at another photographers pictures for a minute or two, or my attention will be captured and I'll be stuck looking at all of the pictures!  For you, I got stuck!!! (which is sort of rare)  You can ask my husband,..usually I'm not easily impressed,..and I'm usually pretty nit-picky about things that I think could have been done better,..but I thought your work was worth sending a compliment to tell you what a great eye, and technical and software skills you have combined.  It takes a combination of all of the skills combined to truly have work that stands apart.

And I LOVE, LOVE your fluffy fresh linen day idea!!!!!  I have three little monkeys 4, 2 and 1 that I almost want to get on your waiting list just to participate in the set!!  It seems a little hard to try and justify sending my kids to be photographed by another photographer,..but it is an amazing idea!!!  I just love it!!!

And your J & T engagement with the cars flying by picture,...AWESOME is all I can say!!! Don't you just love when the ideas in your head finally come to fruition!!!!  Such an amazing feeling to get to see an idea actually in print!  I think that is why some photographers just lose their mojo, because they quit dreaming and creating their dreams, so bravo to you,...great job!

Anyway,..just wanted to send this email your way to inspire you to keep it up!  Great great stuff!


And feel free if you'd like to look at some of my stuff,... 

Oh, and I also loved the first picture on the Wright wedding,..and the group shot of the wedding party where each person is backlit,..that looks amazing!!!


Well, thanks for letting me toot your whistle, and I'll talk to you soon!


Nichol, you are one great person! From the first time i taked with you on the phone, until today i have enjoyed getting to know you. I thank you for all you have done for our teens and can not wait until its time for the last one to get his pics made. Love you new web page!!!   ~Joy Martin Ellijay, Ga.


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