Thursday, February 19, 2009

McClure ♥Paschal Wedding

What a sweet little pair these two are! Tiffany was a dream to work with, she let me do exactly what I do best....take pictures. It is people like her who get awesome photos~ they sit back and trust matter how crazy the idea ;)

The guys thought I was completely crazy when I posed this shot. Which is a normal reaction from the guys~ I'm sure now they see what I was going for. One of my favorite poses for the rings.

I was tickled pink to have bright yellow line to work with...(it doesn't take much to excite me) but anyway..I have been wanting to photograph a wedding party in this way. This was not the photo I posed, but I ended up liking it better ;) CutE sTuFF!

This Photo can be used for thier Thank You cards....I was super excited to use my new props.

And here is yours truly...capturing the special moments ♥
Thanks, Sandy for snapping this one.... I have one of you too ;)

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