Saturday, January 3, 2009

Girl's Photo Day~ book NOW ♥

Come on guys this is a great gift for your lady....there is not a better way to make a girl feel good about herself, than to see a photo of her shining her brightest~ I will be editing all the blemishes, and imperfections from the photos, so she will look as if she fell out of a magazine! And Ladies....if your man is not computer savy and prefers to buy you candy...then grab this session for yourself~ you'll be glad you did! This is New Age Glamour ~ LNE style. It'll be fun! And may change outfits as much as you want, but we will be out and about in Jasper~ so there may not always be a restroom available ;)

A few ideas of what we will be doing~ I have a setup with three old rusty cars to lay on, a few old barns, grungy doors, old chimney covered in vines, a much much more!

On January 17th I will be out in the field with 3 girls at a time, for atleast 1 hour. I will have 4 sets of appointments, one at 10:00 til 11:00, another at 11:30 til 12:30, & 1:30 til 2:30, & 3:00 til 4:00 So there will only be 12 slots open. Just like the Christmas Photo Session, I only take payments in advance~ to insure appointments will be kept. If payment is made & appointment is cancelled with out three day notice, payment will not be refunded. All payments are due by January 14th, if payment isn't recieved in the mail by this date, the appointment will be filled. Email me for the order form to mail with your payment.

I can't wait to hear from you guys!

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