Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

So today was my super special day! Everyone around me made it wonderful~ and I'm truly blessed to have such sweet thoughtful people in my life :) Thanks!

My sweet day started with my kiddos & hubby filling my morning with Birthday Wishes! Tate gave me a card with a kitty on the front of it that favors our cat. It read "I couldn't decide what to get you, so I let my cat pick out your gift" then you open it "You don't have a dead rat already, do you?" Sounds just like little Tater~ he is a little turkey, if I've ever met one! After Tate's Christmas Party at school we came home for a long nap~ Rob was home once we woke & he coached Lyla down stairs until she was able to tell me Happy Birthday! He walked her upstairs to where I was & she looked at me with the biggest smile & said "Happy Birthday" in her fairy like voice. I believe it is the best Birthday gift I've ever gotten. Rob & Tate made me a cake COVERED in sprinkles, my two sweet younger brothers stopped by to give me a squeeze & my older bro sent me the sweetest lil text with a pic. Momma watched the kiddos while my hunky hubby took me to dinner~ I had a wonderful 26th Birthday! Thank you to everyone who made my day special! Thanks Denise for my card & we are praying for Jonathan....Thanks Debi & Granny for dropping off my gift, you guys always remember! And lets not forget all the sweet myspace/facebook friends who wrote me sweet lil birthday greeting~ you guys are the sweetest.

This will be the last Birthday I have.....I believe I would like to stay 26 for a while. Well on second thought, i believe it will be a great thing to grow old~ it means I have lived a long life. So bring on the wrinkles & sagging skin, that'll be one more day I hear my kiddos laugh & one more night I snuggled close to my hubby!

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